Artist Statement 

My work is reflective of an accumulation of diverse visual interests spanning several decades and life experiences. What captures my attention as a visual artist, at its foundation, is texture, pattern, and color. Considering that I’ve involved myself in a depth of experiences in these areas, it seemed intuitive to me to manifest this range of study into the practice and process of painting.


Specifically, I’ve invested many years of my life into gardening, quilting, biking, and a plethora of jobs and hobbies that all seem to organically intersect in some way.  My attraction to gardening is itself an intense act of creation that requires a deliberate sense of color balance and composition. I have always been particularly interested in the veinal structure of leaves, the unique textures of tree bark, and the subtle shifts of greens, blues, and grays in the dense tapestry of the garden. 


Earlier in my life, I was unconsciously drawn to a system of organization within which allowed me to exist safely and create. As I look back, it seems I favored a ‘celebration’ of the grid system. My interest in quilting is an obvious example.  It has been my tendency to appreciate what is called a range line road - within a rectangular survey system - that instinctively provided a sense of knowing my place in this physical world. Among many things, it was my years as a woman on a bicycle, traveling across the country, that made me aware of this desire.