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Earlier in my life, I was unconsciously drawn to a system of organization within which allowed me to exist safely and create. As I look back, it seems I favored a   celebration of the grid system. My interest in quilting is an obvious example.   It has been my tendency to appreciate what is called a 'range line’ road within a rectangular survey system - that instinctively provided a sense of knowing my place in this physical world. Among many things, it was my years as a woman on a bicycle, traveling across the country, that made me aware of this desire. 

This series of paintings, ostensibly about plaids, is truly an act of faith in my own ability to articulate so many years of life and experiences into a painting. I am at a point in my life where I am ready to take that leap of faith and create art in a meditative way. As a result, I am making paintings that have extracted unexpected memories, provided me an outlet for my accumulated skills, and identified a balance in my life between chaos and order.

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